Mushkin that is one of the famous SSD and memory manufacturers has introduced its mSATA SSD which has 480GB capacity. This device is the first in that capacity and features in the world. Let’s have a look at the Mushkin’s new device’s features.

The Microsoft Messenger (new name was Windows live messenger) is one of the most widespread messenger services even the best in the world. But this service will be shut down by windows and everybody who uses Windows Messenger will start to Skype instead of using Windows Messenger.

The rumors that Nokia will make an android Phone have been made clear with this explanation that was made by Nokia.

Let’s see what offering HP’s new computer that was produced for game fanatics in purpose was equipped with high power and performance features. 

A new legend name was added to the list of people who liked Windows 8 after Bill gates. But...

According to a Chinese news website Microsoft that wants to get big successes with Windows 8 has been working on its mobile phone since beginning of the year.

HTC has made a show with its new smart phone One X , Htc will outshine with its new phone.

Microsoft issued a job; in almost every corner of this great city “permeation" plan has proven to be!

Apple has broken his own record with IOS 5 and this record has destroyed by IOS 6!

Maybe you have not realized yet, but 23th of September is one of most important days of Google.

You can see visually that wireless access points which are around  you.

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