What makes an effective data communication system

11.12.2013 Simon Bradley
When we send messages to people have we ever thought about how the message is sent to the other person and what are the processes behind it. The process for sending or receiving data is called an effective data communication system.

There are fundamental characteristics in producing an effective data communication system.


If we further elaborate on the fundamentals, you will find the components of the data communication system that are used. Every system is defined by its components, the data communication system contains five components.

If you want to communicate with anyone then you first need to create the message for sending. The message can be text, video, pictures, numbers or a combination of these things. Other example include files that are sent for records, data that form database queries, web page requests and messages about the status of the network.

The device used for sending data, it can be a computer, laptop, workstation, video camera etc.. The sending data might not be in the appropriate format for the transmission medium.

The devices who receive the data from the sender it can be computer, laptop, workstation or any other devices. At the time of the receiving of data may not be received in the proper format through the transmission medium.

The physical path that help to travel the data from the sender to receiver, the medium can be copper cable, coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, lasers or electromagnetic signals.

The protocol is a language that both the devices contain through which they understand the messages. However, both the devices must support the protocol.

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