What is the Article Marketing Method

6.7.2013 Roberto Arduous
I’d like to start from the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you have an Affiliate, product owner or a non-profit site, by using this method you can have maximum efficiency. Or this you can write articles that have a word count between 200 and 100 (the ideal would be 450-750) and reach the masses.

When you have articles that are worthy of being published on articles, you can publish them by putting a tag of a link to your website and add contact information and a short description of yourself and what you do. This way, when there are people who have questions and are looking for a source of information you will have made their lives much easier by giving them a source from which they can obtain proper and honest information and in return you will have yourself true and permanent customers.  But you shouldn’t forget that this is only possible if what you have written is of a material worth reading. I wouldn’t advise that you waste people’s time just so you can add your sites URL at the end of an article.  What you need to do is apply research and effort to a field where you think people would need and to share your knowledge on this topic.

So why do you need to apply the “Article Marketing” method?

The most natural reason to use this method is because it’s free, there are no expenditures. But the only free part is that it doesn’t involve money. When it comes to time, it isn’t free. The average article will take about 40-50 minutes to write.

The most permanent traffic can be obtained in this way, some articles are still attracting traffic even years after the time they were composed. You might have to work hard to compose a well written article but you can be sure that it will pay off in the long term.

This technique also has the snowball effect. If the article you have written attracts one person every day, and it will because this is the bare minimum and if you were to add one article every day, this will grow and create a snowball effect. Also, having 300 articles with your name on them will give you 24 hour marketing and will give you fame on the Web. Promotion of this stature can never be assured by anyone and if someone were to give you a guarantee of success, they would want a fee higher than what you make.

The customers you have attracted to your site via your articles are the most trustable and actual of any masses of customers on the Internet and even if you wanted, you couldn’t keep them from accessing your site. No matter how much you develop your websites “SEO” or “Backlinks”, they won’t grant you permanent visitors of this type, the most long term plan for customer flow is Article Marketing. Take yourself as an example, you are here, reading this article because you want to gain information on this topic and you should know that the information on this topic is not limited to what you see here.

If the article you have written contains useful information and isn’t a topic that is written a lot about on the Internet, then the users who have viewed this will share this article on social networks and will have supplied you with ‘Viral Traffic’.

Product owners or “Affiliates” who find our articles beneficial will want your support. But the only tru way to get permanent traffic is to write articles with the idea of helping people in mind. Articles prepared solely for the purpose of selling more products will get you nowhere. I tried doing this and I can assure you that is in vain. But you should also know that even these articles that were prepared badly brought me over 20 visitors a month. This rate will increase in ten folds for articles written with true devotion.

For those who want to start home businesses, this is a method that I would strongly advise. You should definitely try this. For those who are thinking that they can’t be bothered with writing all these articles I would like to tell them that no matter what the fees of the advertisement companies, usually extremely high, there is no better way to go about advertising your company than writing articles. This is due to the fact that people find our articles when they are seeking information and answers. Give them the information they desire and don’t get involved with the rest.

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