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20.12.2013 Fabian Rendon
Everyone has personal and official data, which they don't want to lose. One option is to save the data on a USB storage device such as a flash disk or external hard disk drive. Many people prefer to keep their data on a USB flash disk but when plugged into different computers they be infected by viruses making your personal data spoiled and unable to open. Therefore, there is a need for people to save their data in a safe place. If you save your data on a desktop computer or on a laptop there is a chance that their hard disks could go out of order. These are electronic components and that can go out of order any time. Therefore, there should be a safer solution for storing the large quantity computer or laptop data.

There is a perfect solution for the above problem. Microsoft offers a data storage amount of 25GB in the shape of SkyDrive where you can save your data without any hesitation. Whenever you need to use the data, just login with your Hotmail or Outlook account and access SkyDrive to download your data. You can consider it as a mobile USB storage device which can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Through SkyDrive, you can upload your computer backup data. It is a wonderful service provided by Microsoft, which is free to use without any charges.

Similarly, Google also provide the 15 GB of free space for uploading your data. You can access the Google Drive by logging in with a GMail account or signing up for a Google account. Through a Gmail account, you can access Google Drive where you can upload your data. You can also create online documents on which multiple people can work on simultaneously if you share the document with your contacts. Google also offers 100GB and 200GB space, however to get these are paid upgrades.

Microsoft and Google are both reliable companies where you can save your data without any hesitation. Many big companies save their monthly backup on Microsoft and Google Drives.

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