Various search engines used around the world – Baidu, based in China

19.2.2014 Fabian Rendon

Baidu is a Chinese Search Engine, offered by Baidu Inc. based in Beijing. Apart from its other features, Baidu offers search facilities in Mandarin, to find audio and video files, websites as well as web images. Among its over five dozen web services, Baidu Baike is a jointly constructed which is open for searching keywords and helps people for discussions based on keywords. Robin Li founded the company in 2000, along with Eric Xu, both of whom are Chinese by birth but had worked overseas, before incorporating their community web services company.

Rapidly growing Baidu had captured as much as 76% revenue share of the Chinese Internet search segment and has risen to be listed in the NASDAQ-100, one of the first of its kind to achieve this. Robin Li says that the name was inspired by an ancient song, which in fact romanticizes the search for muddled glamor and beauty on retreat, and search of a dream even as dreamer is facing problems from the outside.

Included among various services offered by Baidu are web search for information on services and products using the Chinese language with phonetics, advanced features which include snap images, spelling checks, stock market quotes, news, etc. apart from space and video info. Baidu also has a section dealing with weather forecasting, airline and train schedule details. With its Baiduspider, you can track the user agents of Baidu.

One of the important services that this web search engine provides is an index of over 700 million pages, 80 million photos and over 10 million files of multimedia nature. MMS services from Baidu include free movies and MP3 music.

Baidu also comes with an app for Apple's iOS. The company has commenced a service in Japanese language offering similar search facilities to users, this being the first ever service that the company has started outside the Chinese region. The Japanese search engine also has similar facilities as its parent Chinese engine. The official Baidu site helps users by providing free downloadable anti-virus software called as Baidu Antivirus, reports suggests that it doesn't fully fall in line with the Chinese government censorship regulations.

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