Top apps that are only available for Android

20.12.2013 Julian Blazek
It’s no secret that Apple’s mobile operating system still dominates both the smartphone and tablet world marketplaces. And why wouldn’t it? The interface is simple and beautiful, and when it comes to both apps and developers, the Apple App Store easily takes the win in both quantity and quality. After all, most of the apps that now dominate the charts usually get created for iOS first before slowly transitioning to Android and other rival operating systems. However, due to both corporate politics, and some straight stubbornness from Apple, there are still many apps that are not only endemic to Android, but can easily induce jealousy in even the most loyal of Apple fans. Here are some of them:

Most smartphone apps don’t really take much advantage of, or contribute to the ‘smartness’ of the phone. Enter Tasker ($3), which is an app that allows you to create multiple profiles which execute specific actions on your phone when certain conditions are fulfilled. If that sounds a bit vague, it’s because the amount of choices this app gives you for customizing your phone experience are plenty. For example, you can set your phone to instantly launch the music player when headphones are plugged in, or teach it to go in Silent mode whenever you enter your office or a meeting. There is a bit of practice needed before you master all of Tasker’s various possibilities, but if you don’t feel like going over a tutorial first, there are still countless pre-made profiles from other users that you can find on the Web in a matter of seconds.

Astro File Manager is a free app that Apple is probably years away from accepting to its Store. It allows the Android user a type of freedom with file manipulation that iOS finds rather unacceptable, allowing you to access all of data on your device, moving it smoothly between internal and external memory, and connecting to the Cloud so you can easily share and transfer files to your other devices. And speaking of apps unlikely to hit iOS any time soon, Nova Launcher ($4) is the ultimate personalization app, letting you change your icons, play with animations on your home screen, and experimenting with the aesthetics of the entire UI. If you don’t feel like doing it all yourself, much like with Tasker, there’s a bountiful online community which regularly shares their designs which you can then use for free.

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