The World of Massively Multiplayer online Role Playing Games

6.2.2014 Julian Blazek
Massively Multiplayer online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) is a combination of online video games and Massively Multiplayer online Games, the only difference being that this form of gaming allows a number of players to participate in the game in what can be deemed as a virtual universe.

Players, like in many other such games, become the characters, usually in a fantasy environment, and take over the action part of the character and control its activities. Thus you have to differentiate this gaming with that of single player or even small multiplayer games, and this can be done on the number of players involved in assuming the characters and the kind of virtual world that you are about to create. Is presented by the creator of the game, which in fact even when you are not online, continues and progresses.

Massively Multiplayer online Role Playing Games are very popular among the gaming fraternity and the revenues it generates are phenomenal. One of the most popular MMORPGs, World of Warcraft enjoys a subscription of over 7 million players, while another game, Star Wars – The Old Republic is growing fast which had managed to get subscriptions within a very short period of less than a week after its launch. While it may appear that they are all different, all such games have commonality in characteristics, like the continuing environment of the game, a kind of evolution of the game, within the online game, there is always a kind of interaction between players and the game presenters, the architecture of the game system, and customized characters.

Many Massively Multiplayer online Role Playing Games are fantasy based which are cleverly substituted in some cases with crime or comic fiction. Most of them are inspired by the occultism and comic book characters of American origin. The important goal of these games seems to be development of the player’s role. This has been ensured in many such games by the progression of character of each player. Even as they are lured with points that they earn online, such points help them to go ahead in the game. And reach the next level of the game.

There are some games which allow the players to go on playing indefinitely, encouraging them with these points and progression to levels. To encourage players to continue with the game there are bonuses like display of their chosen profiles as top ranking player etc. After a time even money is offered as a lure to continue with the games, and there is an amount of gambling is definitely present, as to gain points you are asked to buy certain components and when you spend more money you become the top ranking player.

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