The WhatsApp Voice Messaging Feature - All You Need To Know

3.1.2014 Rezman Mirsom

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps out there, with over 400 million users all around the world now using the service. It has continued to offer a set of innovative new features that people can use to communicate more easily with each other. One of the most recent of these innovations is the introduction of a voice messaging feature on the app.

What is voice messaging?

As the name suggests, voice messaging simply refers to the ability to send information in the form of recorded audio clips instead of text. In the past, WhatsApp had a limited form of this functionality, which could only send recordings that were short. With the new upgrade, however, one can record voice data and have it sent over the app with no limits as to how long it should be. This was an upgrade what was made in early August 2013, and which is available in all versions of WhatsApp that were released subsequently.

The usefulness of WhatsApp voice messaging

There are a number of features that make WhatsApp voice messaging better than other forms of messaging, such as leaving voice mail. For one, it’s very easy to compose and send the voice message, all you need to do is record it using the app. In addition to that, it also has a feature which indicates whether the person you sent the message to downloaded and played it, so you can be sure of whether the recipient got it or not.

It is also a much cheaper way of communicating, since it sends the data over the Internet. The fact that Internet usage costs are decreasing all over the world means that more people can afford to send voice messages without having to worry about the cost. Lastly, the fact that WhatsApp has group chat functionality means that you can send such messages to a large number of people simultaneously, but only spend as much as you would to send the message to one person.

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