The Top 50 of 2012: iPhone Apps (Page 9)

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler


Like your own personal pocket auntie, this app matches you up with nice men and women in the area. Its “Locals” feature locates other OkCupid users near you and lets you message them in case you’re in the mood for some romance and want to connect. The ability to include photos directly from your phone to your profile is also included. Everything they have on the website is featured here in this cool little app as well such as viewing visitors to your profile or rating profiles.

Pandora Radio

Although there are heaps of great music apps for the iPhone, Pandora excels at giving you something to listen to when you can’t decide for yourself. All you need to do is specify an artist you like and Pandora will stream songs by that artist and music by different artists that go along the same flavor track.

The app is free so it’s ad-supported, but you can remove the ads for $4 a month. Pandora’s website is a mirror of the app — and vice versa — so all of your personalized radio stations and everything else stays with you wherever you go.

Pregnancy (Sprout)

Sprout runs $3.99, and is my favorite pregnancy app to date. It is a beautifully designed pregnancy status tracker that walks you through all three trimesters with a realistic 3D render of the (average) baby that changes weekly and offers hotspot info-bites, e.g. when the baby can first hear your voice, or you might first feel it kick. Tap over to “the doc says” and you’ll get insightful tips on topics like travel, “starting to look pregnant” and “fundal height” or be able to see future routine events, like “second trimester screening tests” or the time-frame in which an ultrasound can determine your baby’s gender. Helpful extras include a “weight tracker,” “kick counter,” “contraction timer” and for papas-to-be in particular, a checklist/organizer for pulling together all the things you’ll need in your hospital bag when the big day arrives. It does everything for that special day so you don’t have to (except for the giving birth part, but that’s not that important is it?).


No matter how tech-savvy they may be, networkers still have to deal with a bit of paper business cards here and there. This app digitizes them with the iPhone’s camera and recognizes the info on it and saves the contact information to you phones address book.

The software belongs to LinkedIn, which means it has social networking capabilities like the site, letting you add LinkedIn contacts and browsing people’s work history in just minutes after scanning a card.


Yamaha’s $19.99 TNR-i app is basically the iOS version of the company’s Tenori-on, the squarish electronic instrument you sometimes see musicians like Little Boots or Bj?rk using on stage. Imagine the game Connect Four, only with a grid of 16 by 16 LED switches you can tap to activate different sounds (this video should give you a feel for how it works). Those switches are a little small on an iPhone screen — the app’s ideal platform is the iPad — but you can zoom on areas to micro-edit. While it’s all deceptively simple in appearance, the sophisticated trance-like grooves it’s capable of outputting, if you’re willing to put in the time, are all but limitless.

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