The Top 50 of 2012: iPhone Apps (Page 8)

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler


Using the LogMeIn app, you can control your desktop computer right from your iPhone. You don’t get even a fair share of the same full desktop experience, of course, but the app is great when you realize you’ve forgotten something important. The free version offers remote access to your PC or Mac and the ability to run programs and if you decide to upgrade to the $40 “Pro” version grants you access to file transfers, HD video streaming and robust photo management.


See where friends are partying over the weekend and let people know that you’re at your favorite coffee shop or peruse customer reviews of nearby restaurants with this social media app designed for people who actually want to be social. You can even nab discounts and free stuff from some smart business types for checking into their businesses. The quest to become a location’s “Mayor” and badges for unlocking achievements takes me back to my Pok?mon Red days, Gym badges and all and is just as addictive as the latter.


A helpful tool to have when you’re out at the shops, ShopSavvy tells you whether there’s a better deal to be had online or at another store in the area. ShopSavvy can look up products by bar code, or you can type in the product name yourself. The hardest part is remembering to use the app before you head to the register.


Foodspotting lets you use big, bright photos to search for restaurants in a novel new way—by the dish. Do you love pancakes? Search through pictures posted by other obsessive foodies until you find a stack to your liking. You can even save tasty-looking dishes so you’ll remember to try them later and vote them up or down so others can find them. Follow friends or refined culinary celebrities to keep up-to-date on what chefs are cooking up at restaurants near you.

Find My Friends

Sending someone a text message to find out where they are is obsolete. Calling them is even more so. Apple’s Find My Friends app is a much easier solution that allows everyone in your inner circle to see where everyone else is located on a map. If you’re looking to finesse your privacy settings a bit, the app lets you share your location for a specific period of time or with only a select group of close friends.

Parents, especially, will like this app: You can set a password on your child’s Find My Friends app that prevents them from turning off their location — unless they turn off their phone, of course. But is there a kid who would not want to be able to get in touch with their friends for more than five seconds?

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