The Top 50 of 2012: iPhone Apps (Page 3)

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler



This app that has been popular on the iPad for quite some time now has finally made its way to the iPhone. Flipboard, the smartphone sized app, mimics the iPad version’s interface – pulling in updates from all of your social media accounts, RSS feeds and content that has been written by the Flipboard staff itself. It presents all of these in a sleek package of stories that can be navigate so simply with a flick of the thumb.

ESPN ScoreCenter


Are you missing the big game? Not to worry, this app is a pretty handy way to keep track of just about any sport you can possibly imagine. Customize the myTeams page for live score updates for all the teams you follow. It also allows you to look up stats, standings and articles when you’re on the go. If you’re too busy to constantly check it up, you can set up push alerts that will alert you every time your team puts points up on the scoreboard, meaning you’ll get out of it what you actually got it for.



Let’s face it; once you sign in to Facebook, you’re signed in all day. You have an iPhone. Put these two elements together and it basically means you need Facebook’s iPhone app.

I don’t need to tell you what it does… it’s Facebook. Personal Finance


This handy little app helps you manage your finances the simple way. There are too many details to go with it, as is the world or finance, so if you want to manage your finances yourself and do it with a little help from a program that doesn’t judge you for what you spend your money on, you can try it out.




A friend recently suggested a note on a piano I was playing was out of tune. I claimed propriety of pretty good ear (I go all Old-English in a debate) so naturally I didn’t agree. Cleartune settled the argument (Phew!).

If you’re a musician, this app’s invaluable: a portable tuner with a beautiful rotary interface that lets you play (or sing) a pitch and determine its precise frequency. It’ll also let you calibrate pitches, change notation, transpose notes, switch to a different temperament (of dozens, including Pythagorean, Meantone and French), fiddle with needle damping and switch the pitch pipe waveform…all for just $3.99.

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