The Top 50 of 2012: iPhone Apps (Page 2)

6.7.2013 Benjamin Gubler



Last year I bought my first ever diesel car. That was when diesel prices were through the roof. When I discovered that inner-city gas stations were selling for as low as $3.50 I decided to fill-up strategically. Using crowd-sourced updates, GasBuddy allows you to find out about gas prices in the area (each update shows exactly when it was updated). You can filter by gas type (regular, midgrade, premium and diesel) and find out the distance and price. I have yet to come across a bad reading in all of the time I’ve had to test it out. Even though I sometimes have to go out of my way to fill up cheaply, I’ve saved up hundreds of dollars already…totally worth it.

Find My iPhone


Every iPhone owner should own this app. This is probably one of the few that you really need.

If you misplace your phone, Apple’s Find My iPhone app will pinpoint its location on a map. What’s more, if your phone is buried in the couch cushions, the app will instruct your handset to blast a sound for two minutes at full volume — even if it’s set on silent mode. In the unfortunate event that your phone gets stolen, Find My iPhone can remotely cause the personal data in your phone’s storage to self destruct, it might be painful to wipe the slate clean but it’s worth it. And hey if you have an iPad or Macbook, they’ll most likely all be synced anyway.


MapQuest 4 Mobile


With each passing year, Apple falls further behind Android on the navigation front. Although iPhone 4S users can ask Siri for directions, it is still impossible get voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation like Android users can. Until native maps navigation arrives on the iPhone, MapQuest will have to make do. Unlike competing apps from TomTom and Garmin, MapQuest is free, and it includes some helpful features such as traffic, walking directions and a low battery mode for those times when you need to find a power point (Do not try getting directions to a power-point).



You can browse movies, watch trailers and read reviews on Fandango’s iPhone app. Once you have decided what you are going to see, it gives you theatre locations and ways to get there. You can buy tickets straight from the app – you can even reserve seats.



This is one of the first apps to be available in the iPhone App Store. What’s cool is that it’s still one of the best. You can read user reviews for local businesses such as restaurants, physicians, mechanics and retail stores. The app now allows check-ins and photo submissions and lists deals close to you. The core purpose of it though is to help you find local stuff – that’s a cool thing.

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