The role of IT in the overall growth of the economy of East African countries

16.1.2014 Magdalena Gauci

IT has fast expanded across the borders of the East African community and has thus enhanced the level of communication and the capacity of doing business. IT has been responsible for the development of the digital era of communication whereby individuals are able to converse and share information through the pathways that have been developed through the Internet. In this respect, the East African countries have been able to perform business transactions and hence set up lucrative Internet businesses which all serve to increase the revenue of the respective countries.

IT has been responsible for setting up high speed Internet connections which have brought up a new way to share information and even maintain a constant working relationship. This is evident in the way people are able to get work projects done when in different locations. This aspect makes sure that people are able to work efficiently and also understand the way in which they can be able to maximize production and this has a direct impact on the economy.

The role that IT has to play in the economy is wide and enhanced when it comes to the concept of access to information. Information is power and is what leads to the innovations which capture business ideas and make sure that people are able to get ideas rolling into workable plans. This massively improves the economy since it ensures that people maintain a hardworking nature in the process of developing their businesses. IT facilitates the idea of people having access to the great knowledge and ideas on how they can manipulate the skills at hand to increase their level of productivity which in turn means an increase in collected revenue.

Through this, IT stands as a great background of the economy of East Africa since it covers many aspects of the development of the countries from being third world countries and into the capacity of sharing ideas and innovations with the top class nations of the world.

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