The procedure of On-page Search Engine Optimization

20.11.2013 Rezman Mirsom

By On-page optimization of website search engine, become able to consider your website. There is a small procedure to do on-page optimization of the website pages. In the first step, you have to analyze the structure and content of the websites therefore; you become able to write Meta tags of each page according to the nature of the websites. Let us discuss in detail about the Meta Tags, which are necessary to put on the websites each page and other necessary stuff for on-page optimization.

Meta Title Tag

It is necessary to put this meta tag on every page of the website due to the fact by this meta title tag search engine recognize the page Identity of your website.

Meta description Tag

In this tab you need to put the description about the page that what you are offering in this page to the people so that search engine show your page in the search. Be care full while writing the Meta description tag that you must put the keyword in the description at least three times so that search engine prefer your page in searches.  

Meta Keywords Tag

In Meta keywords tag, you need to put the selected keywords according to the nature of websites. There is a conspiracy among the people about the Meta keyword tag. Some people say that search engine does not consider the Meta keywords tag and some people prefer to put this tag.

Meta language Tag

In this tag you have to define the about the language of the websites therefore, search engine prefers your website to show in the ranking of that particular language search.

Author Meta Tag

In this tag, you have to define the author name of the website. It is not necessary to put but it is better to work perfectly according to the search engine given instructions.

Meta Robot.txt

It is a text file, in which you have to put those pages, which you want that search engine does not consider it to optimize and give rank to the page.

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