The next 5 breakthrough technologies of the year 2013

27.11.2013 Simon Bradley
Technology executives all over the world have been projecting on the possible and the next leading technological innovations and where they are likely to originate. America and China are being considered as the possible sources of technological developments. This is in regard to creation of new industries as well as providing solutions for life challenges.

Growing world population is increasing the burden of food production which is required to increase at the same pace. Artificial fertilizers and chemicals have been used over the years to increase food production. However, this has resulted in massive degradation of soil properties and hence the need for green revolution. This is geared towards establishing and use of biological and physical sciences to increase food production much higher than the use of artificial components.

Carbon emissions have posed a great threat to the global ecosystem. This is calling for the need to tap emission of carbon properties to the atmosphere. Tapping carbon dioxide and using it as a source for alternative energy provides much hope for a cleaner and healthier environment. Carbon dioxide can be transformed to hydrocarbons and carbon containing molecules which can be used as a alternative to petrol chemicals.

Education trends have traditionally been based on class settings. Enhanced information and technology initiatives are providing a platform through which personalized educational models are available as well as resources for easier learning. This also provides for personalized learner centered learning as well as development of creativity and critical thinking.

Artificial medicines have been found to cause grievous side effects. This has created the need for better nutritional standards and use of natural remedies. Emerging technologies which entails synthetic biology and nanotechnology are laying foundation for the global high population’s good and affordable health care.

Electric powered devices rely on connection to the electricity grid. Modern developments in wireless power are providing solution to over reliance on this hence giving hope for better power storage systems and impact on use of personal electronics.

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