The influence of ITU planning and regulations on daily life

15.4.2014 Nicky Herak
The International Telecommunication Union or ITU is a specialized agency of the UN engaged in the management and development of information and communication technologies. For the common person, it is the ITU that is responsible for Internet and communication regulations throughout the world. It is also the ITU that regulates the radio spectrum. Thus anything related to telecommunications globally operates as per the policies laid down by this agency.

It is the International Telecommunication Union that coordinates the global shared usage of the radio spectrum. It is also responsible for promoting international cooperation for the assignment of satellite orbits which affects the way you watch the television. The agency is constantly working for the improvement of the telecommunication infrastructure and establishing global standards.

The ITU was created with the objective of connecting all the people in the world without concern for where they are. The agency is constantly working to support and protect the fundamental right of everyone to communicate. The modern communication platform is almost entirely based on the policies and regulations laid down by the International Telecommunication Union.

The ITU helps in the management and control of emergency services, power networks, food distribution chains and water supplies as well. All the government services, education, health care, transportation systems, environmental management systems, and financial markets run because of the constant efforts of the ITU in the background. It is because of this agency that you are able to communicate with your friends, family and colleagues, from just anywhere and at anytime.

It is the ITU that is responsible for bringing the benefits of the latest communication technologies to everyone in the safest, most efficient, easy-to-use and affordable way. Today the Internet is accessible on mobile devices because of the policies and promotions made by the ITU. It is this agency that gives power to member States for regulating the content created, accessed or distributed on the Internet.

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