Text Editors, Part 2 - Sublime Text

4.3.2014 Daniel Jaramillo
Sublime Text is an editor used mainly in the world of software development that has rich editing functionality.. It is a closed source software and is licensed to customers, hence a person using Sublime Text has to maintain certain conditions to use it. Sublime Text was introduced into the market to help programmers edit the source code of different computer programs according to requirements. It is a multiplatform text editor with a Python application programming interface.

There are several different features associated with the different versions of Sublime Text, the 3rd version of which is currently in beta, to help programmers with their jobs. The text editor also supports different computer languages that include Action Script, Apple Script, Java, JavaScript, Shell Scripts (Bash) to Markdown and make files.

While choosing Sublime Text, the text editor can be combined with a package manager called Package control. This package manager helps programmers using the text editor to upgrade, find, install and delete packages or plug-ins without restarting the editor.

Now let us look at the advantages of using the this text editor:

Cross platform: The editor can be used on various operating systems.

Multiple cursors: It is possible to change the same text in different parts by just selecting and writing the modified text.

Command palette: One does not need to remember the shortcuts; they can simply search for it writing only a few letters. Keyboard shortcuts are a preferred method for editing as it is quicker than pointing and clicking with a mouse.

Go to anything: Using this feature, a user can open files very easily.

Vim commands: Programmers can also use Vim commands to move around the place.

Knowing the advantages let us now know the disadvantages of using this program:

In spite of being cross platform, it has different shortcuts and settings for different platforms hence it is difficult a user using two or more platform at the same time.

There is console version available.

Unlike many other text editors, it is not free software.

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