Testing your Broadband connection speed

11.12.2013 Daniel Jaramillo

There are three criteria that basically ascertain your broadband speed and they all represent part of a connection set-up. All the criteria need to be fully met so that the connection speed may be high and in the required setting.

When checking your broadband speed connection, the first stop is with the upload set up of the Internet connection. This marks or determines how fast information is being sent out to the servers. The bandwidth uploaded determines the speed with which a person can receive a response and is part of the definition of the connection speed. When you check the bandwidth that sites upload, determining the connection speed shouldn’t be a problem. This is as a result of  the upload service that most popular sites use are often a reflection of the ability and the potential of the connection and hence, monitoring is a sure way to determine the speed of the Internet

Checking bandwidth download received is another way to analyze and check on the speed of the broadband connection. This normally tests response of the connection and the data that is being received after the upload process is complete. Internet users can test this on their own at home and this is why the process enables people to be their own tech experts who can study and determine the speed of their broadband connections.

The combined download and upload bandwidth is, most often, a perfect pointer as to Internet connection speed and structure. This is attributable to the fact that it gives a gradual representation of the manner in which connection is holding up and it covers the aspect on bandwidth expansiveness. The wider variation between the upload and the download bandwidth points to a high variance in the speed of the connection and this is what a person uses in determining the speed and the healthy nature of a broadband connection.

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