Spotify – One of the Top Music Apps

28.1.2014 Fabian Rendon
The success of the music app, Spotify has almost been unparalleled across both sides of the Atlantic. It has brought the concept of subscription music into the mainstream. The 20 million-track catalog of the app remained a big feat in the world of streaming, and even today it is the envy of the competition.

In addition to offering a stunning range of streaming services, the powerful brand recognition of Spotify gives it a major edge. Recently, the app company was successful in securing the exclusive rights to the catalog of Led Zepplin. Besides, they also hold the rights to Pink Floyd and Metallica, tipping off the competition bids.

Once Spotify’s mobile app was accessible only to the Premium users. Today, anyone can get access to the services. However, premium services do come with their advantages. Users can sync playlists offline and enjoy music without any need to stream. As a free user, you could enjoy playlists only in the shuffle mode.

The app is highly reliable and easy-to-use. It is available on all the leading platforms including Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Spotify also offers a dedicated app for iPad. Relatively, users of Android tablets can use a ported version of the app. It may be great but doesn’t come close to the iPad app.

Interestingly, each one of the app versions for the different devices works differently. While some require swipes and taps, others have context menus and require long presses. It is the Android users who seem to be getting the most from this app. One of the more attractive features is the placement of synced albums on the screen top, and it has a cleaner look than the iOS app.

All of the options are accessible using the side swipe feature. Some of the notable features include playlists, inbox, recommendations and friends. The features are seamlessly integrated, and the mobile app can be configured to be the sole entry into Spotify, which doesn’t cause any limitations on its features.

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