Reasons why computer animation is very popular

9.5.2014 Daniel Jaramillo

Animation have changed the way we view things in a big way. For example, remember when movies were composed of dramas only, though the story was good and kept people in suspense, it lacked other effects that makes a movie interesting to watch. These movies lacked slow motion, realistic special effects and the cool explosions that are usually related with action movies.

Over the years this have changed drastically. Animated video have spread in the video production companies like wildfire, among the big companies and the small ones alike. In recent times many people would be amazed at the thought about a movie without animation. Young people of our times thinks that what happens in movies is actually reality. It is so much in their mind that some have gone to the extent of trying what is done in these movies at home.

Why computer animation has become popular

Animation makes the movies very appealing to the eye. Mankind was created in a way that what they like watching or hearing an exaggeration. An exaggerated story is very sweet to the ear and so is an exaggerated movie scene to the eye. Animation is very useful in education, for example when a lecturer is teaching quantum physics, animation can be used to illustrate quantum particles to better understand them. This will make the subject interesting and the concept will sink deep in the minds of students better than without animation.

Through animation, the creative ability of filmmakers is extended even more. They are able to imagine of something and then through animation the imagination is made brought to the screen. They are able to make movies based on historical stories or based on their personal imagination of things that will never be.

Through animation, movies that would have been very expensive to shoot and record are made easily through the use of animated characters. This has seen the growth of the movie industry to while reducing the cost of production. Games too have grown tremendously in the recent past because of animation. Young people love them and because of the low cost of production they are made affordable for the mass market.

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