Proper disposal of computer equipment

17.12.2013 Roberto Arduous
Computers are great tools that help us to work effectively but as they get old and worn out disposing them become a challenge. Computers are made of parts that have toxic materials to humans, plants, animals and the environment at large. These machines contain heavy metals like lead and mercury that, if disposed of in the wrong way, can find their way to the food chain and cause health problems.

Government and non-governmental organizations havw been advocating for the need of taking care of our environment, for a long time, and good computer disposal is one of the factors to consider to protect our environment. When your computer is old and you are thinking getting a better one or you just want to upgrade to a more modern one consider the following tips to help you to dispose your computer safely and be a part of the green revolution.

Some manufactures will offer trade-ins for their computers: You take your old computer to them and they give you a new one at a discount. In this way these companies help to properly dispose old computers because they will recycle or refurbish these machines to be used by people who might need them instead of throwing them into landfills.

Donate your computer to a less fortunate person who can be in need of a computer but cannot afford one. This will put that old computer in good use instead of disposing it of in any other way.

In many countries there are people who buy junk for reselling them to companies that do recycling. This is a very lucrative business in Kenya with people employing thousands of young men to go round collecting and buying these junk.

If your computer is still in good condition but you just want to upgrade you can resell it to stores that sell second hand computers. There are also online stores that deal with second hand computers or you can decide to post it on websites such as OLX and sell it to willing buyers yourself.

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