Online entertainment in Kenya

19.11.2013 Benjamin Gubler
Entertainment in Kenya is an industry that has got a steady growth over a very long time now. Kenyan youth have talent and entertainment has really boosted them to international fame. This has been made possible by the fact that Kenyan people love music and all kind of entertainment in general. Musicians from all over the world come to Kenya to perform and they make good money due to the massive turn out they receive in their concerts. This love of music and entertainment has seen the introduction of online entertainment sites in Kenya.

Online entertainment in Kenya has given Kenyan artists a major boost because their audience has been taken to a global level. This means that these artists can be able to sell their music to the whole world without incurring the shipping cost of the CDs. Music is downloadable making it one of the best and easiest things to sell online. Revenue for the artists has also gone up because many recording companies are paying them royalties for their music used on advertisement drives.

Platforms like YouTube have proved to be of great value for upcoming artists because they can upload their music and launch their career without having to do expensive launching in hotels. Many of these artists start from a very humble beginning and they cannot even afford to pay a manager to promote their music. An artist like Makimende uploaded his clip on YouTube and within a few days it went viral with over a million views all over the world.

This is an example of how online entertainment has helped artists who would not have been recognized due to their humble beginning be uplifted to global recognition just in a few days due to the power of the Internet. Online community is very large and the best thing is that they goes online with a purpose and ones they have found what they are looking for they do not hesitate to pass a word to their like-minded counterparts. Online entertainment is also a good way for music lovers to get their favorite music easily.

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