New SEO Strategies

5.12.2013 Fabian Rendon

An effective SEO strategy makes all the difference between your website being found online and becoming lost among hundreds or thousands of websites out there. As Google keeps changing its algorithm from time to time, it’s important to choose and implement the latest SEO strategies to remain ahead of the curve. Here is a list of three SEO strategies that you should be using in now to get better search rankings.

Referral Traffic

The dramatic growth of social media sites in the last few years has diversified organic search engine results. You have to consider a variety of traffic sources such as people who are on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, MySpace and Pinterest.

This means anyone who hasn’t yet taken up social media marketing should do so. Social media sites offer unlimited opportunities to connect with existing and new customers. Use the available tools, create impacts on your target audience in your networks and get referrals.

Write Content for People

Most SEO service providers have been creating content so long to attract the attention of search engine spiders rather than people. Because social media sites comprise of people and you cannot drive traffic unless the target audience is interested in your topics, you can no longer write solely for the search engines.

Search engine analytics and keywords were the most important factors for bloggers and article writers, but it’s time that you re-prioritize the essential factors. Your content has to be compelling. It must engage readers, encouraging them to share the information, content and your brand with their peers.

Content Continues to be the King

The content on your website, blog and article submissions continues to be the first pillar in effective SEO. A powerful SEO plan for your site involves proper keyword research, optimized content, site design, blog presence and user experience. The content must be rich, useful and updated regularly. The more frequent the update, the more frequently search engines will crawl your site, enhancing your search rankings.

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