Microsoft launches latest Windows Phone 8 updates

27.11.2013 Julian Blazek

The latest Windows Phone 8 update will be supported by 1080p HD screens and faster quad-core processors. You’ll be able to see Windows Phone devices with 5-inch high quality displays that give tough fight to Apple’s retina display. It could also mean that fans can look forward to seeing the Windows Phone phablet in near future.

This new update could also mean the addition of more tiles on the larger display. Overall, Windows Phone 8 looks forward to running on bigger phones.

Before this update, Windows Phone 8 (WP8) ran on slower dual-core CPUs and 720p displays. This restricted the mobile OS from running in bigger phones. One of the major changes to the new OS is that Microsoft has included a multitasking UI for instant app switching. If you have seen and used the multitasking in Apple’s latest iOS 7, you’ll find many similarities.

Hold the back button down and you’ll be taken to a screen with all the apps being represented as cards. Tap on them to close. There are some additional updates.  One for example, allows you to transform your Windows Phone 8 device into a wireless hotspot. You can use Bluetooth for automatically setting up tasks.

With the latest update, its possible to lock down the screen orientation. This prevents the orientation from changing whenever you are moving. Another new update automatically detects if the user is driving. It’ll send out replies to messages for enhancing your safety.

Microsoft claims that there are additional improvements and tweaks in the mobile OS. These other updates will help improve performance and perform a number of other unnoticeable tasks.

The update is entirely free and it’s due to pop up on Windows Phone 8 devices in a few weeks. However, its going to depend on the phone and the carrier you have. Microsoft has not yet revealed information on who all will get the update.

Microsoft has been in news for taking over Nokia’s mobile business. Windows Phone 8 and Nokia’s mobile devices are facing tough competition from Android and iOS devices. The latest updates could help Nokia and other device manufacturers to increase the size of their WP8 devices.

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