MasterCard RPPS, Making Efficient Payments

10.1.2014 Roberto Arduous

When people have so much to do and they want to pay their bills, but they can’t pay it personally and when they pay through check it might take a longer time and they get disconnected, then they don’t have many of options. Oh, wait. Actually they do. It is a good thing, as this can accommodate consumers who have such hectic jobs or emergencies where they really don't want to wait in long queues to pay their bills and waste two or even three hours of their time, when they could have done something more worthwhile. That is why we have found a friend in MasterCard RPPS.

MasterCard has introduced the MasterCard Remote Payment and Presentment Service, or MasterCard RPPS in 2000 when they added a wonderful tool to the service – Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment or EBPP. They have actually started way back the 1980’s but with a different name and have now revised the process to better accommodate their clients.

What does MasterCard RPPS do ?

It connects 95% of providers in the EBPP industry as they feature routing and settlement within 24 hours, procedures of risk management and corresponding to the needs of the biller by automatically editing customer accounts.

32 million households pay their bills online, or any banking websites. That is why MasterCard RPPS promotes and delivers useful bill payment systems to their customers, taking note of the difference of check payments that take longer.

They have an “Electronic Payments Maximizer” that checks a file if there are payments earmarked as check payments so that they can convert it to electronic payments which can make the transaction faster.

Lessen the trouble you have to encounter when getting routing issues due to the source incorrect account information.

How can I benefit from it ?

You can save ample time and earn more money or commission, thus making your life easier. It is best for people with these profiles to avail of the MasterCard RPPS for their ultimate bill paying convenience, start saving time and earning more money.

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