Major IEEE Councils and their functions

22.4.2014 Roberto Arduous
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has 7 major councils which are collaborations of many IEEE societies within the broader scope of knowledge. The missions and activities of these councils are elaborated as follows:

IEEE Biometrics Council – This council has the mission to coordinate and promote through the IEEE, the developments in the field of biometrics technologies.

The council is engaged in the fields of theory, designing and application of biometric depiction of human beings, on the basis of behavioral and physiological features, especially for verification of identity, encryption, recognition and authentication. The Biometrics Council promotes technical activities, publishes periodicals, sponsors technical meetings and conferences, develops standards and promotes educational activities.

IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation – The IEEE CEDA or CEDA was created keeping in mind the common interest of the member societies in electronic design automation.

Within the Council are 6 member societies – Antennas and Propagation, Computer, Circuits and Systems, Microwave Theory and Techniques, Electron Devices and Solid State Circuits Societies.

Some of the main activities of CEDA include sponsoring publications and conferences on electronic design automation topics, encouraging academic research in electronic design automation, and providing tools to the member societies.

IEEE Nanotechnology Council – A multi-disciplinary group that aims to promote and coordinate activities in the field of nanotechnology within the IEEE in educational, literary and scientific arenas.

It supports the design and development in the field and its application in the scientific, industrial and engineering spectrum.

The IEEE Nanotechnology Council sponsors many global conferences for the development of nanotechnology. It is also engaged in the annual awarding of the IEEE Pioneer Award in Nanotechnology.

Besides, the council also publishes many magazines and journals in the field including the IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine, and IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience.

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