Internet Servive Providers in India, Part 2 - Top ISPs

13.2.2014 Roberto Arduous
A few of the top Internet service providers ranked by service, reliability and customer base

1. BSNL – BSNL, a state-owned Internet service provider, has a customer base of approximately two and a half million with a market share of nearly fifty three percent. The provider has good coverage and provides service to customers across almost one hundred and ninety eight cities in India. It provides its access through DSL technology and the company is continuously upgrading their infrastructure to become as capable as other Internet Service Providers in developed countries. The goal of the company is to provide high speed Internet service, dial VPN service and good quality broadband remote access server. It provides its services in both post paid and pre paid plan options.

2. MTNL – MTNL is also a government owned Internet service provider, however has a smaller service coverage area. They mainly provide services in the zones of Delhi, NCR and Mumbai. Although the area of coverage is smaller, it has a customer base of nearly half a million and a market share of nearly fourteen percent. It has promised to provide high speed downloads of up to 2 Mbps. Additionally, MTNL provides services such as VOIP, broadband service and VPN services.

3. Bharti Airtel – The company, which is part of the Bharti business conglomerate, has a customer base of nearly half a million with a market share of thirteen percent. The service of the company is not limited to India but also provides services to neighboring Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It provides coverage across nearly eighty nine cities in the Indian subcontinent. Along with providing Internet services it also provides IPTV services.

4. Hathway Cable – This ISP has a customer base of two hundred and four thousand. Though the service is dependent on DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Services Interface Specification) it has a very good network, is always on mode and provides instant access. It promises continual service, with no disruptions, and has a fixed monthly charges payment model.

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