Internet connectivity as a human right

18.11.2013 Fabian Rendon

Facebook in partnership with other companies that are leading in offering technological services have teamed up to launch This partnership is aimed at making internet affordable and is to reach about five billion people. This launch was announced in August 2013.

This coalition which is made up of Facebook, Qualcomm and Ericsson and their main agenda is to make affordable Internet a human right. They have outlined the way to go about it in a white paper that was released on September 16th 2013 majoring on the importance of delivering the promise, Internet connectivity as a human right in the world.

This paper is looking at how Facebook connected over a billion people with effective use of technological infrastructure and how it is developing mobile applications that use less data and will not consume a lot of power. The other players mainly Ericson and Qualcomm are given the task of ensuring that in future every mobile phone will be able to support internet usage because many Internet users are going to mobile platforms.

This is an aim to make sure that all people who own mobile phones in future will be able to access the Internet from their phones. This is bound to succeed because these are the main players and they have what it takes to take Internet usage to the next level. Qualcomm is the biggest manufacturer of chips used to make phones while Ericsson is a mobile phone manufacturing company. Qualcomm will make chips that consume less power and sell them to Ericsson to manufacture mobile phones that consume less power and are internet enabled while Facebook will come up with applications to enhance efficient connectivity. This partnership will yield results going by the past record of these companies.

This is good move to encourage other players in this industry to come up with such innovative ideas to improve this mobile Internet industry. The idea is a noble one because communication is very important in moving any other sector of the economy forward. Communication is the only aspect of the economy that is relied upon by all the other. This is a means of bringing different people together to do business.

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