How to set up a custom view for new visitors on Facebook

24.12.2013 Nicky Herak
There are a mixture of explanations why certain pages and destinations like the Red Bull page have over 25 million Facebook fans, however one that surfaces to the top is their unapologetic "Like our Page, insight, clue" custom arriving welcome. Keeping in mind Red Bull has a plan bigger than the majority of us, that doesn't mean we're removed of the custom presentation page party. Because of an incredible Wordpress plug-in and a spot of copy/paste inside Facebook, you can have a custom point of arrival up and running inside 5 minutes.

Here is the way by which one can easily do this:

Visit and click on "Set up New App" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Give your application a name and there after consent to Facebook's Terms of Service.

On the following screen, give your application an official name (this is the one the public will see). The About and Website tabs are discretionary, notwithstanding it’s
suggested to make and transfer a custom symbol and logo.

Click on Facebook Integration

However, given that you have admin rights to your Wordpress based web journal (or website), head on over to the plug-ins index and seek Facebook Tab Manager. When you've instituted and initiated the Facebook Tab Manager, you will next make a custom Facebook page.

Find the Facebook Tablet symbol found on the sidebar of the WordPress, here choose and click on ‘‘Add New’’ option. Once you have given your page a title, the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is used to adjust the HTML code. Notwithstanding that you've idealized your HTML code through the editor, hurry up and distribute your gem. Copy/Paste the fitting URLs from the plug-in to their corresponding platforms.

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