How children and teens can be safe on the Internet

31.12.2013 Rezman Mirsom
The Internet has become very popular. People of all ages are able to access it from anywhere using their smartphones or computers. Today even the public transport companies are offering free Wi-Fi if you travel with their vehicles in developing worlds. The Internet has become such a necessity that it has become a way of life.

Although we are using it in all aspects of our life it can also be dangerous if left uncontrolled. There is a need for children and teenagers to take precaution when using the Internet. To be safe children should always have their parents or guardian monitor what they are doing on the Internet.

These procedures should be followed by teens when accessing the Internet:

Do not disclose your personal information like your full names, your parents’ names, and the name of your school or your phone number. This is private information do not just give it to strangers.

Take care of your passwords. If you use a cyber café or a public computer make sure that you log out before you leave.

Never post you photos online to unknown sites.

There are people you may have engaged online, never accept to meet them in person. Sometimes people might disguise to be what they are not.

Do not just sign in to any site; some are used to collect your personal details.

If people sent you an abusive email please do not reply.

Always look at the age limit of any site before you sign in. Some sites are not for children. The age limit is aimed to protect you from bad content.

When you receive an email from a stranger please do not open the attachments. There are people who send viruses and other bad programs which helps them to track you and get your personal details.

By following these tips children can better control their security online. Parents do have a role to play, always monitor your children. Be interested to know whom they communicate with. Have access to the content they read, the Internet can be very destructive to children if not controlled.

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