GIS and wastewater systems

16.4.2014 Julian Blazek

GIS is of great help for engineers who build waterways and wastewater systems, in their designing, planning, construction of waste water disposal systems as well as storm water drains. These areas of water management, are very practical inasmuch as they concentrate on the aspects of information tools, which enable use of these applications.

Effective use of these systems clearly shows how this technology can be utilized to make water management easy, saving time and money. First of all engineers dealing with water management should understand what GIS is, its importance and how it can be used as a potential tool for a detailed analysis. GIS applications are very crucial in water management and wastewater systems, especially in the areas of remote sensing, GPS, mobile GIS, DEM data, Internet apps.

Most importantly when applying GIS in this area, you should be careful of the importance of four 'M's that are the keys to effective water and waste water management. These four Ms are: Mapping, Modeling, Monitoring, and of course, Maintenance. These aspects of GIS applications can help you to control waste water, direct storm water into proper channels, apart from effectively identifying areas for water harvesting.

It is necessary for water management bodies, both in government and private sectors, to ensure that their engineers undertake case studies in each of the areas connected with managing water. This is done understand the procedures that govern GIS applications and encourage engineers to preserve the case studies so that they become reference material when they commence altering waterways or bringing together two systems geographically through the usage of mapping and modeling.

Since waste collection methods are different from region to region, GIS applications have to be properly applied. The waste management in a arid areas may not be suitable for the cities situated on river-beds, and thus mapping through GIS is of importance.

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