Design factors to consider when improving websites

25.12.2013 Roberto Arduous
There are many ways to improve websites, these depend on the structure of the current website and the things that need to be enhanced. Many people in the world use different websites and everyone use websites for different purpose.

Some people use a website for chatting, some people use websites for the purpose of knowledge, some people use websites for entertainment purposes. If you want people visiting your website and want the page rank of your website to increase, then you must improve the visibility of the website also you must include those features, functions and content according to user requirements.

There are two types of website, static and dynamic websites. Let us elaborate the concept of the static and dynamic websites. Moreover, which is more useful for attracting the users?

Static websites

This type of website is developed using HTML for the most part. This is a very simple website that has limited functionality. Static website are mostly used for organization's websites. The main purpose of these websites is to simply provide information with text and are easy to give a good look. With static websites, you have to manually create every page on the website. There is no concept of automatically generating a website.

Dynamic websites

Professional programmers develop dynamic websites and utilize code for creating the necessary features and functionality. In dynamic websites you do not need to manually create pages, the coding creates the pages themselves and can automatically refresh parts of pages according to user demands. You can create any feature according to the users’ requirement and it is easy to manage the data through the dynamic website.

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