Cloud computing service providers

26.2.2014 Magdalena Gauci

Cloud computing services are offered by a number of Internet providers, which in simple terms means, computing services are made available to clients through the Internet with the help of their own servers of providers, instead of a company’s in-house servers. This helps the users easily access various applications, services and resources of the provider, whose responsibility it is to fully administer. Some of the services offered by cloud computing service providers include web email hosting, file hosting, processing database, etc. Google, for example, is a name that comes to mind for availing cloud computing services.

Beyond ordinary applications such as webmail, Google and Amazon cloud computing have reached a point where most of the financial transactions of banks throughout the world are being handled by cloud computing services. Accoring to some predictions, by 2016 over 70% of such services will fully handled by the cloud.

An indication of the growth of cloud computing services is the chief of Oracle pointing out that Amazon and Salesforce, a CRM services provider, as their main rivals and not IBM.

But then, how secure is your data when it is handled by such cloud computing services ? For example, recently, Google has been accused of teaming up with governments to share various financial data, and are literally spying on the world wide web.

Safeguarding the data has been a prime concern for users of these cloud services. Many US based cloud computing agencies are not believed by foreign companies to share their data. Unmindful of such apprehensions, cloud computing service providers are now fully geared to meet the increasing traffic and customers in 2014. This has happened mainly because cloud computing services are no more untouchables, even as the CIA itself has jumped into the cloud. Only when regulators as well as the industry make more efforts to assure clients about safety of data, adopting these services will increase many fold.

Google, Amazon and Salesforce have been in the forefront to dispel the doubts about the security, in spite of Google in particular being pointed out as helping governments to spying. This aside, everyone cannot afford to have their own servers and cloud providers offer good value for clients who want to access various applications.

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