Challenges facing computer education in Kenya

19.12.2013 Benjamin Gubler

Kenya is a leading country in East Africa as far as technology is concerned. Kenyan students are very ready to embrace technology in their classes but there are a few things that have kept them behind. The government has not yet put in place measures to implements computer education in schools.

For any country to go to great heights of ICT adoption, good educational measures should be put in place to make sure that computer studies are taught to children at very early stages of their lives. In this article I am going to highlight some of the problems that are a hindrance to proper implementation of computer studies in Kenya.

These are:

The number of qualified teachers to teach ICT is very low compared to the number of schools in the country.

Computer prices still remain very high, despite the effort of the government and some NGOs to give out free computers to schools, there is still a large deficit because schools cannot afford to buy computers for their students

Power supply is another big issue in Kenya; there are many schools located away from the national power supply. This makes it impossible for these students to have computer classes. The price of power connection is also very high that schools cannot afford to pay.

Many schools in Kenya lack good security systems, this encourages burglary and due to the high costs of computers it takes time to buy replacements once they are stolen or they might never be bought again. This high cost makes computers a good target for thieves because they are assured of good money.

There is also lack of good implementation of policies by the government and the community as a whole. There is no that strong urge by the government to introduce computer studies in Kenyan schools. The initiative by the government to offer free laptops to pupils has been encountered by big opposition from both teachers and some government officials.

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