Casio’s Smart watch has been released

6.7.2013 Rezman Mirsom

Japan Watch manufacturer Casio has introduced its new smart Watch that has been announced as G-Shock. This smart Watch will bring to you notifications from your IPhone such as incoming calls, messages. Details are in our news about new G-Shock.

Eventually a generation’s childhood dream has been become true. The new smart watch Casio GB6900AA G-Shock that has been announced by Casio could show notifications which come to IPhone 4S or IPhone 5 by connecting with them.

The smart watch G-Shock can show the messages, Incoming callings and emails which come in the Apple phones by connecting these devices via Bluetooth 4.0 connection protocols. Also this smart watch helps you find your phone if you can’t find by yourself thanks to its familiar feature with “Find My Phone”. You can find your phone just one step by pressing a button. This feature’s name is Phone Finder.

This smart watch has a life span like two years by synchronizing Bluetooth connecting 12 hours daily. This smart watch has water proof resistant until 200 meters depth.

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