Bridging the gap between IT and businesses

26.5.2014 Magdalena Gauci

It is commonly agreed that bridging the gap between IT and business is of utmost importance, which should receive priority in any business environment. Though everyone has recognized the need to bring the IT and business together, there is not an iota of doubt in the fact that the gap persistently exists.

A disconnect between IT professionals and business managers, can lead to a loss of revenue through lost business opportunities, lesser market share and other issues which could ultimately affect the return on investment. Recent surveys have thrown out a startling fact that the business managers can be combative with IT professionals, as they distrust the IT strategies.

Importantly, most of the IT professionals agree on these type of findings, which means that they are in fact combative about IT. It has been revealed by surveys that about 50% of the CIOs of business houses throughout the world are suspicious about IT’s capabilities to meet the increased demands and goals of their business or capability to meet the increasing expectations of the business clientele.

Though in recent times IT has been perceived as the DNA of business, why are the officials manning the business is skeptic about the effectiveness of IT in bringing returns to the business. It is agreed in many quarters that IT is a major growth provider for organizations, but some business professionals continue to cast aspersions and look at IT unfavorably, and don't accepting it as a partner in strategic decision making.

There must be a way out from this predicament. It is therefore necessary to bridge the gap between business and IT, which can be achieved only when the right hand knows what is in the left hand. In the forthcoming articles we discuss the ways to deal with these issues.

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