Apple Has removed Java plugin from OS X

6.7.2013 Fabian Rendon

Apple has been fighting flash for a long time and now started to fight with another plugin. Apple has removed java plugins where in OS X browsers with an update that is for Mac computers on Wednesday.

Let to remind that Java is not same with JavaScript and web sites that need to java plugin in their websites are not so many. The reason of   Apple’s last step is apple doesn’t want to give chance to hackers to use weak points of java’s. Mac owners who want to use java plugins can download and installed official Oracle java package for get out of this restriction.

Java has become one of the software packages that have a lot of weak points. Because, it attracts hackers’ attentions by it is being using with Windows, OS X and Linux. So hackers like java so much. A serious error that appeared in august caused increasing voices against java and demanding to remove it. Oracle had worked to fix this error about one week but after fixing some new critical errors occurred again.

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