Apple couldnt get the patent

6.7.2013 Nicky Herak

Apple that makes to live hard times to Samsung in copyright patents lost in a court against MySpace.

Apple has been defeated in intellectual property right at this time.  MySpace Achieved to defeat Apple in music icon case although MySpace has lost its former power these days.

Patent Litigation and the Appeals Chamber ruled that Apple’s music icon very similar to the MySpace icon that its rights were reserved. Apple wanted to get patent rights of the icon that is used in IPhones and IPads.  Apple was told that cannot give it rights of the icon before but Apple has objected it. The final decision means; the first decision is approved.

Similarity of the music icon, the two companies said in a statement the Board, and is similar to the target audience could lead to confusion. This decision does not mean the end of the path for Apple. The company's appeal to this new, local federal court has agreed to listen to it as long as possible. However, such a decision to the copyright to return the possibility seems quite low.

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