Antivirus update left unprotected

6.7.2013 Roberto Arduous

Giant antivirus package, see the recently released update to what led to the ...

Security software company McAfee's antivirus software released an update on Friday, consumer and Enterprise versions of the disabled, affecting security.

Problem users were brought in on the forums and Facebook page by McAfee's language. The problem is, MacAfee's DAT update occurred 6807. Thus, some users cannot perform any action within the McAfee Security Center. Some users are reporting that you have disconnected the internet connection problem.

McAfee, in approving these problems on Sunday, requiring users to update to the new DAT 6809. presented two different solution One of the solutions, internet connection, download the current version of the software and losing users install again by removing the aims. The other solution is the automatic and manual installation instructions of DAT 6809.

McAfee DAT files incorrectly previously lived a problem. In April, the problem that McAfee email gateway security products, systems crash and posts had caused couldn’t be scanned.

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