An assessment of the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 (Page 4)

6.7.2013 Magdalena Gauci

ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 ($379)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 ($250)

Acer Iconia Tab A200 ($350)

Quadrant (v2)




Linpack single-thread (MFLOPS)




Linpack multi-thread (MFLOPS)




NenaMark 1 (fps)




NenaMark 2 (fps)








SunSpider 9.1 (ms, lower numbers are better)




You should not directly expect an easy way to an impeccable performance when it comes to the quad-core chip. And the same thing goes for the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Very similar to the Prime, the TF300 consists of 1GB of RAM and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, although this chip is designed to be at a slightly lower speed (1.2GHz versus 1.3). If you are interested, the memory type is now DDR3 -- an upgrade from the OG Transformer. Once again, ASUS has programmed three different power modes (balanced, power saving and performance), and depending on which you choose the chip can be overclocked to 1.3GHz or throttled down to as low as 600MHz (see the table below for a very quick performance comparison). So what do all these feeds and speeds actually mean?? Superlative benchmark scores, for starters. Although it can not outdo its older brother (not that anyone would expect it to?) It completely massacred its competitors who are at a very similar size and price. It did thisfor every challenge we threw its way.

You should also take notice of the fact that the TF300 performs a particularly wide lead in graphics tests like NenaMark. NVIDIA's put a lot of marketing elbow grease into demoing games on Tegra 3, and has seen to it that tabs like the TF300 come already loaded with a title or two designed to showcase its rendering prowess. In fact, we noticed nary a hiccup as we fled monkeys in Temple Run, and the screen was also responsive as we swiped up to jump and down to slide under overgrown tree trunks. We can admittedly say that the loudspeaker allows for some great great quality sound effects. That is up until the person on the bus sitting next to you motions for you to pipe down!

Even so, an impeccable performance should not be expected when it comes to the quad-core chip, it is not a shortcut to success and neither is the Ice Cream Sandwich. Especially when we first started playing around with it, we noticed delays as we tapped on apps, and the display didn't always seem to hear our fingers calling. (For what it's worth, we never once suffered an app crash.) All this became advanced quite a bit after we rebooted the device for the first time, but even then we waited patiently through a lag here and there. Specifically, web browsing did not quite meet our standards: when you zoom in on text or images, you'll almost always notice some white tiling before everything scales as it should. You can even see this from  the benchmark score, they all hint at this. Although the TF300 is top-classin SunSpider and Vellamo, it wins only slightly than it usually would in the other categories


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