An assessment of the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 (Page 1)

6.7.2013 Magdalena Gauci

ASUS reveals their Transformer Pad 300 tablet which is on the lower-end of the market

ASUS Transformer Pad 300 hands-on

Time has definitely flown by so fast! It does not feel as though a year has passed following our review of the original Asus Transformer and its creative keyboard dock. But a year has actually gone passed and many things have occurred since then. The company has released the Prime, for starters, followed by two other high-end models. And now, the OG Transformer is going the way of the dodo, as the affordable new Transformer Pad 300 (aka the TF300) takes its place. Although this newest of tablets was announced all the way back in February, it is only just going on the market in the States  this week. Its starting at a price of $379 for the 16GB version, and $399 for one with 32GB of storage that is built in.

Firstly this product is interesting because it replaces a very unforgettable product. Secondly,the TF300 is interesting because it symbolises an even better deal for consumers: it borrows a few design ideas from the Prime that is on the high end, and also steps up to a similar 8-megapixel camera. Like the Prime, too, it runs an no-skinned version of Android 4.0 and packs a quad-core Tegra 3 chip -- something you don't often see in a tablet at this price. To summarise, the main differences between this and the Prime are battery life (10 hours versus 12), and the quality of the display (the 10-inch screen here offers 350 nits of brightness instead of 600). Those all sound like trade-offs that are pretty reasonable and in all honesty they really are. Well that was our summarized review that we fit into two short paragraphs. Although you can keep on reading if you want to learn detail more about this product.

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