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Weberals aims to be a useful resource to webmasters and other interested visitors to view data about indexed domains. As new websites are constantly added to the World Wide Web, web development teams need data so as to improve a website's position on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Data is provided about websites that show its rank amongst other websites as well as other factors, that could help owners and developers the make changes to their websites if necessary. The Weberals website index lists websites that have already been "crawled" by the Weberals spider and visitors can either find a website that has already been indexed or add a new one by using the search bar. Websites are continuously added to the Weberals index and domains that are already present are also updated with new data. There is no need to get registered on Weberals, simply enter a url in the search bar and click on the Search or Add Url button.

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